Is The Escalating Expense Of Security Systems Straining Your Budget?

NETWORK 512 Security-as-a-Service Solutions offer affordable monthly access, ensuring the consistent and worry-free operation of your system. Our cost-effective packages are tailored to suit businesses similar to yours!

With our packages, you can effectively manage and anticipate your security expenditures, as you will be aware of your fixed monthly costs. This eliminates the uncertainty of waiting until the end of an invoice cycle when expenses might fluctuate unexpectedly.

Our Security-as-a-Service Comprises the following Core Services:


  • One of the cornerstones of a robust cybersecurity strategy is understanding our starting point. NETWORK 512 can conduct thorough assessments to gain valuable insights into our clients' security postures from the outset.


  • Cybersecurity incidents can happen even to the most prepared organizations. Having access to expert guidance is crucial. With 2 hours of incident response provided by our Cyber and Compliance Attorney, NETWORK 512 can swiftly address security incidents, minimizing the impact and ensuring compliance with legal requirements.


  • The backbone of any NETWORK 512 cybersecurity strategy is the technical expertise that can be called upon when needed. Security-as-a-Service ensures that NETWORK 512 has access to a team of certified Microsoft engineers, offering support and expertise to address any technical challenges promptly.

SECaaS BASIC and ADVANCED Services offered in TWO TIERS each designed to cater to the specific needs of network 512 and clients.

#1. SECaaS BASIC - includes the CORE SERVICES mentioned above and extends its offerings to encompass:

#2. SECaaS ADVANCED - Builds upon the basic package and provides additional services that take cybersecurity to the next level. it includes:

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Our Happy Customers

Working with NET512 is so refreshing. For the first time our company’s IT needs are met and sensitive data is secure. Besides quality service, we have been so happy with accessibility to support. It’s refreshing to get a call back in a reasonable amount of time. Since switching to Net512 over a year ago we have recommended them to another mid size company and heard they’re working out great. Thanks Jarek, for providing IT the way it should be!

Joanna Ripstein Motorcars of Palm Beach

Net512 has been in charge of our offices in 3 states since 2009. Our servers and desktops are working flawlessly, they also implemented work from home strategy for our remote employees. I would highly recommend them.

Wesli Bulawa Drew Transport