Ransomware can put your business to a halt in a matter of a few minutes. Ransomware attacks small and large companies. Is your business resilient to advanced ransomware attacks?

Ransomware has crippled digital networks and small, medium, and enterprise businesses for many years. It causes data loss and leaks and creates data breaches in countless organizations. With ransomware attacks increasing, many organizations seek better insight into their ability to detect and respond to ransomware events.

Facts About Ransomware

  • The most common tactic to deliver ransomware is a phishing attack. In the last 2 years, it rose over 600%
  • 10% of all breaches were caused by ransomware, according to Verizon (2021 DBIR). Only 2% of breaches were caused by ransomware in 2016.
  • The expected downtime from a ransomware attack is about 23 days, according to many statistics

  • Cyber-criminals will demand payment after a successful attack, and the average ransom is over $220,000
  • The highest ransom paid by an insurance company was $40,000,000
  • In 42% of ransomware cases, cyber insurance covered only a tiny part of claims
  • Cyber insurance premiums rose by 10% – 50% because of the increased frequency of attacks and because of business impact.

Ransomware attacks can significantly cripple business operations; some cyber-criminals even put company data online. Paying ransom will not always guarantee proper decryption as you will be dealing with cybercriminals from other countries.

Preventing and deflecting ransomware attacks is not easy as they use various attack vectors. Over the years, we have designed multi-layer security to cover all known attack vectors to deflect and prevent ransomware attacks. None of our managed clients were victims of ransomware.

Ransomware Exposure Evaluation

Austin is not immune to ransomware attacks; as a matter of fact, many companies today wished they had a proper assessment and protection in place. Assessing the business environment through cyber-criminals eyes will allow your business to apply effective and practical countermeasures to reduce the risk and impact of ransomware attacks immediately. To properly assess your environment, our security team will analyze your infrastructure and all internet-facing devices to identify all vulnerabilities.

Ransomware Prevention & Protection

Staying ahead of ever-evolving ransomware is a complex task; after an assessment, our team will design a proper level of protection for your company. Our solution will include a multi-layer security solution to cover all your assets and data. Ransomware prevention complemented by disaster recovery solutions will keep the bad guys away from your business.

Net512 offers the best Ransomware prevention and protection services to help your business stay safe from damaging threats. At the same time, we also provide a complete data backup and recovery plan to keep your business data safe and secure offsite on our cloud servers.

Don’t let your business become a headline in the nightly news. Protect it today.

Who We Serve?

Net512 offers comprehensive managed IT and security services to businesses across Austin, TX. The goal is to protect every digital asset from voluntary or involuntary leakage, unauthorized modification, or deletion. Our Managed IT and Security services will significantly improve the security posture of any business. We will ensure your business will no longer be the low-hanging fruit for cyber-criminals.

We will work with your company to protect the office, remote workers, and cloud data from ransomware attacks.